Are you looking for a drug rehab or alcohol addiction treatment center in Whitehorse? Canadian Drug Rehab can help people from Whitehorse locate and access in-patient drug rehab as well as out-patient drug rehab services. Today could be the most important day of your life. Today could be the day you decide to take a step towards a healthier alcohol or drug free life.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction Whitehorse

There are an estimated 10.2 million illicit drug users in Canada and that number does not count those who abuse or are addicted prescription drugs, over-the-counter medication, alcohol or other substances.

When you have concerns related to alcohol and other drugs, it is helpful to understand the issues involved and to talk with others. Whether you are a person experiencing an addiction problem or someone close to you is having difficulties, talking about things with someone who understands can help to make sense of what seems overwhelming. Canadian Drug Rehab staff are always available.

Canadian Drug Rehab contributes to the health and well being of addicts by addressing the harms associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs.

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Drug Rehab Centers Whitehorse

Addiction can be hard to talk about. For starters, people often don’t agree on what addiction is. The term is used to describe anything from a desire to have or do something that gives pleasure, to a medical issue, to an uncontrollable compulsion. Because of this confusion, health and social service workers tend to avoid the word “addiction.” When they talk about addiction to alcohol and other drugs, they tend to use the less loaded terms “substance abuse problems” and “substance dependence.” About 20% of people with a mental disorder have a co-occurring substance use problem.

When people realize their substance use has to change, many ask the same first question: How can I start to make that change? Some are able to make changes on their own, but many benefit from seeking help. Canadian Drug Rehab can help you locate the kind of assistance you are seeking by the use of our free referral program.

This program is designed to help the addict and thier famillies gain access to drug rehab centers in their province and the rest of Canada. For many people with drug and or alcohol abuse problems, abstinence might be the most desirable goal, especially in the eyes of their families and some treatment providers.

Addiction treatment services range from short-term to longer-term and from low to high intensity.
Achieving full drug rehabilitation is possible from a drug rehab program that has real solutions and that actually works.
The general intent of drug rehabilitation or alcohol rehabilitation is to enable the patient to cease substance abuse, in order to avoid the psychological, legal, financial, social, and physical consequences that can be caused by extreme abuse.

Please contact Canadian Drug Rehab of you need help finding treatment with a drug addition or alcohol abuse problem. We are always here to help the addict and the families of the addict achieve sobriety.