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A survey by Capital Xtra found that crystal is here, if not common – yet. Ottawa has a well-deserved reputation for circumspect drug use – we’re discreet, unlike users in cities like Vancouver. Attempts to strike up a conversation about crystal use among customers of two local gay bars met with perhaps predictable results.There are an estimated 10.2 million illicit drug users in Canda and that number does not count those who abuse or are addicted prescription drugs, over-the-counter medication, alcohol or other substances.

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Substance abuse can be defined as any use of a substance, non-medical or medical, that causes physical or social harm. Substances can be legal, like alcohol and tobacco, or illegal, like cannabis and cocaine. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs can also be misused.

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The decline in alcohol sales observed through the 1980s and 1990s changed to a slight rise in 1996-1997. The percentage of Canadians over 15 years of age reporting themselves to be current drinkers rose from 72% in 1994 to 77% in 1997. Drinkers were more likely to be young men in their early twenties with a post-secondary education and higher-than-average income. Alcohol consumption by youth under the legal drinking age is not easy to assess but estimates suggest that three in four students (75%) under drinking age have used alcohol.

Although substance abuse can affect anyone in Ottawa regardless of sex, age, ethnic origin, educational level, or employment status, it seems that certain groups are more at risk. At all ages, men are more likely than women to use illegal drugs, while women are more likely to use prescription drugs that could lead to dependency. Young adults are more likely than older people to use illegal drugs but older people are more likely to have multiple drug prescriptions.

Groups in which abuse of drugs is prevalent include street youths and some aboriginal people. In federal prisons, almost seven out of ten offenders have alcohol or other drug problems severe enough to warrant formal intervention. In all these groups, the negative physical and social effects can be profound for them, their families and their communities.
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