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Drug Addiction Treatment Saint John’s

According to the 2002 census, St. John’s has a population of 100,646.
Many drug addicts and alcoholics in are forced to regularly travel to other provinces for help kicking their habits because they would have to wait years for treatment in their home province.
The province implemented methadone as part of its drug treatment program three years ago. It’s considered a cost-effective way to treat opiate addiction and is also valuable in preventing HIV and AIDS by reducing the frequency of needle sharing.

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The Saint John’s police chief is calling for an expansion in methadone treatment programs to help battle drug-related crime.
Newfoundland spends almost $1 million a year on methadone programs. Each patient costs roughly $6,000 annually. Health Department officials estimate that an untreated addict can cost society as much as $49,000 per year. Seventy Five per cent of the crimes in St’.John’s are related to drugs.

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The RCMP in Saint John’s have also been noticing an increase in the number of drug seizures involving methamphetamine commonly known as “meth.” Of particular concern is that in a number of cases, what people are buying as “Ecstasy” is in fact primarily methamphetamine, a highly addictive and toxic substance. As a result, some people have unknowingly become addicted to methamphetamine, and have had to seek treatment.

The provincial court is aiming provide more treatment for drug addiction and mental illnesses. The province already has one mental health court. The Liberals pledge to create two drug treatment courts that would deal with crimes committed as a result of drug and alcohol abuse.
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