Are you looking for a drug rehab or alcohol addiction treatment center in Edmonton Alberta? Canadian Drug Rehab can help people from Edmonton to locate and access in patient drug rehab as well as out patient drug rehab services. Deciding on the proper treatment center or program can be one of the most challenging decisions you and your loved ones will ever make. It is important to understand that not all treatment centers are alike, and services offered at these facilities can differ greatly. Canadian Drug Rehab is a free drug treatment referral program in Canada designed to help the addict and their families find a drug addiction treatment centre or alcohol addiction treatment centre in Edmonton.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction Edmonton Alberta

There are an estimated 4,000 injection drug users in Edmonton (Source: Injection Drug Use in Edmonton’s Inner City, Cameron Wild, Ph.D.; et al, August 2003).
Cocaine addiction – AADAC sees more than 3200 adult Edmonton clients annually seeking counseling for cocaine addiction (Source: AADAC).
Recently, methamphetamine use has escalated in Edmonton, and has fueled an increase in property crime (including identity theft). (Source: Drugs in Edmonton – A Look at Substance Abuse, Intelligence Analysis Unit, Edmonton Police Service – March 2004).

An estimated 4,000 Edmonton residents inject illegal drugs. Underage drug use is also on the rise in this city. Compared to meth and cocaine, heroin abuse is not as extensive as other drugs of choice. Distribution is considered minimal with limited quantities available.

Despite the active stance of the Canadian government on the war against illegal drugs, organized crime syndicates have all turned to drug trafficking as a billion-dollar trade. Records also marked a rise in drug-related crime and activities for the last decade not only in urban districts but also in rural areas. Apparently, the illegal drug trade has covered every city and town including Edmonton.

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Drug Rehabillitation Treatment in Edmonton

Generally the first step in addition treatment is drug or alcohol detox.
Rehabilitation is the second phase of treatment for addiction. Rehabilitation helps the person to gain control of his life in a positive and healthy manner. Medication may sometimes be necessary when there is a physical addiction.

The reason or the cause of addiction due to the fact that the person is not in control of his life. This out of control brings an overwhelm towards the situation. Drugs or alcohol is used to counter that overwhelm. The addict does not have the ability to control certain aspects of life. Drugs and alcohol become the solutions.

When you choose a drug rehab treatment, you need to make sure that it will restore his or her ability. It will enable the person to function well in life without drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a way to get rid of a physical or emotional pain. Instead of getting the person to “live with his problem”, you need to help the person to improve his ability to deal with life.

Canadian Drug Rehab is a no cost drug treatment referral program in Canada designed to help the addict and their families find a drug addiction treatment centre or alcohol addiction treatment centre in Edmonton Alberta.

Please contact Canadian Drug Rehab of you need help finding treatment with a drug addition or alcohol abuse problem. We are always here to help the addict and the families of the addict achieve sobriety.