Saskatchewan drug rehab programs may vary in quality, length of program, philosophy of addiction and method of treatment. The province of Saskatchewan has battled many problems of drug abuse and the rising rate of suicide, especially among the First Nations throughout the province. In 2008 the RCMP were called to 127 attempts of suicide that were directly related to drug and alcohol abuse, and gang violence.
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In Saskatchewan, provincially based treatment for alcohol, and later drugs, began in 1953 with the establishment of the Saskatchewan Bureau on Alcoholism.

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Today there are approximately 37,000 in need of detoxification, intervention and drug rehab or alcohol rehab in Saskatchewan. It is not uncommon for people in need of various drug rehab services in Saskatchewan to encounter long waiting lists and plenty of red tape to get treated for drug or alcohol addiction.

There are approximately 990,000 people in Saskatchewan. Statistically, this means that there are tens of thousands of adults suffering from substance abuse issues and in need of effective drug or alcohol rehabillitation programs, and only a small percentage of them receive any help at all.

In Saskatchewan studies have been conducted by CCSA, which indicate 1% or approximately 25,000 are dependant on illicit drugs alone. For those who are habitual drug users it is difficult to locate adequate addcition treatment in a reasonable order of time.

With about 55 different drug rehab programs to choose from, how do you know which ones work? Finding the right detox or rehabillitation program and facility can be a frustrating and stressful experience. Why not let Canadian drug Rehab – free drug rehab referral program help you with one of life’s more important decisions.
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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Saskatchewan

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