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A survey by Capital Xtra found that crystal is in London, if not common – yet.
Ottawa has a well-deserved reputation for circumspect drug use – we’re discreet, unlike users in cities like Vancouver and Toronto.Certain groups, including males, the unemployed, aboriginal peoples, and street youth, have been identified as having a higher chance of becoming dependent on drugs.Greater understanding of the predisposing factors can assist in preventing and treating drug or alcohol dependency.

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In its 1996 assessment of the costs associated with substance abuse, the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) concluded that, in 1992 in Canada, substance abuse cost more than $18.45 billion. This amounted to $649 for every Canadian and was equivalent to 2.7% of the Gross Domestic Product.

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Productivity losses from illness and premature death accounted for $11.78 billion, or 64% of all costs. The cost to the health care system was more than $4 billion and to law enforcement another $1.76 billion. The Centre estimated that 40,930 deaths were attributable to substance abuse in 1992, representing 21% of the total mortality for that particular year.

Treatment centres with specific programs for particular groups are a relatively new phenomenon. Women, Aboriginal peoples and youth are among the groups targeted. All young substance abusers need residential treatment centres and outpatient programs that are open at all times of the day and in many settings. The lack of facilities for young solvent abusers in northern Canada is particularly problematic.
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