nunavut_drug_rehabLocating a drug rehab program for people in Nunavut can be difficult. We can help. Rehabilitation is possible with a drug rehab program that has real solutions. Most illegal drugs arriving in the Baffin region come through Iqaluit. Officials guess about 85-90 per cent of Nunavut’s pot consumption takes place here, even though the city has only about 20 per cent of the territory’s total population.Choosing a reliable drug rehab centre is one of the most important decisions you will make. Let us help you with this serious decision. Contact Us Today to find out more about a quality drug rehab center for yourself or a loved one in Nunavut.

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At the time of this publication, there were no residential treatment facilities located in Nunavut, which means that anyone seeking drug or alcohol rehab in Nunavut would generally have to travel a great distance in order to receive in-patient help with the addiction.

Nunavut residents out-toke, out-snort and out-sniff the average Canadian by a huge margin. And according to Nunavut’s drug cops, substance abuse in the territory is getting worse at an alarming rate. A study released in June by the Conference Board of Canada, an Ottawa-based think tank, identifies marijuana as the drug of choice in the territory. Nunavut’s Inuit indulge in it at four times the national average, with nearly a third having smoked pot or hash in the year prior to the survey. Non-Inuit in Nunavut aren’t just saying no, either: Their pot-smoking rate is 65 per cent higher than the Canadian average.

Compared to marijuana, most other narcotics are rare in Nunavut. Cocaine, though, is on the upswing. It’s snorted mainly by wealthy Iqalungmiut, though small amounts go to Cape Dorset and Pangnirtung.

Nunavut’s most harmful drug, liquor, is legal in Iqaluit, and semi-legal in some other communities. According to the Conference Board report, Nunavut’s Inuit drink less frequently than other Canadians. Only 12 per cent of Inuit said they drink alcohol at least once a week compared to nearly 35 per cent of Canadians.

There are actual solutions to handling drug or alcohol addiction and finding a drug rehab program that offers real rehab help is possible. Making the decision to go into a drug or alcohol rehab centre is the best gift you can give yourself or a loved one. Let Canadian Drug Rehab help you today.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Nunavut

Canadian Drug Rehab is a free drug treatment referral program in Nunavut designed to help the addict and their families find a drug addiction treatment centre or an alcohol addiction and detox centre in Nunavut. Canadian Drug Rehab referral service is provided to you at no cost to help expedite the referral process. If you are in need of immediate assistance please call our toll free number now.

Canadian Dug Rehab can help you locate a drug addiction treatment center in the following Nunavut communities:

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