Nearly one quarter of Canada’s population resides in Quebec, totaling more than 7.6 million people. After marijuana, the most commonly used illicit drugs in Quebec were hallucinogens such as magic mushrooms, mescaline and PCP, and opiates.Of the limited number of beds available for residential rehabilitation programs in Quebec, how do you know which ones will work?
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Québec is certainly not an exception when we think about drug and alcohol abuse. Alcohol and drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine and other substances, like non-prescribed medication and anti-depressants are the most commonly abused drugs in the province of Québec.

Approximately 152,000 or 2.0% of Quebecers are binge drinkers, who regularly consume a harmful amount of alcohol and are dependant on alcohol. The same studies indicate that approximately 68,700 Quebecers are dependant on illicit drugs. There are approximately 220,000 Quebecers in need of detoxification, intervention, and drug rehab or alcohol rehab programs at any given time.

People in Quebec who have the highest income adequacy (73.2%) were less likely to have perceived prescription drug abuse as being a serious problem in Canada than those who were in the lowest income adequacy group (83.2%).

Each drug rehab in Quebec has a different approach to the recovery process. Take note of what is important to you, and make decisions based on your personal needs. Keep in mind that in Quebec there are many treatment options for you to choose from including: outpatient treatment, in patient treatment, support groups, drug rehabilitation, alcohol rehab, drug treatment programs, sober living, halfway houses, long term treatment, short term treatment, counseling, and many more.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Quebec

Canadian Drug Rehab is a no cost drug treatment referral program in Quebec designed to help the addict and their families find a drug addiction treatment centre or alcohol addiction treatment centre in Quebec Canada. Canadian Drug Rehab referral service is provided to you at no cost to help expedite the referral process. If you are in need of immediate assistance please call our toll free number.

Canadian Dug Rehab can help you find a drug addiction or alcohol rehab treatment center in the following Quebec locations:

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