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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Regina

Many times, determining whether someone is an actual alcoholic or not is really not all that important. If someone’s drinking and drugging has advanced to the point to where it has become a problem for them and those around them, then it is a problem, period.If the person has tried to quit – swore to themselves and others “never again!” and simply cannot stop, then chances are they have become dependent or addicted.

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The Saskatchewan health care system is made up of many provincial, regional and local organizations working together.
Most services are delivered through the province’s regional health authorities (health regions), their affiliated organizations.

A therapeutic court that addresses drug addictions is now operating at Regina Provincial Court.

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It is an initiative proposed by partners in the Regina and Area Drug Strategy and developed by Saskatchewan Justice, Saskatchewan Health and the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region. The Regina Drug Treatment Court will address drug addiction as an underlying cause of criminal activity.

The Drug Treatment Court will be available to individuals who live in Regina and whose criminal behaviour is deemed by Crown Prosecutors to be motivated or caused by addiction. The individuals must also be deemed not to pose a threat to public safety, and individuals charged with offences such as sexual assaults, violent offences or commercial drug trafficking will not be eligible to participate.

In order to participate in the Drug Treatment Court, individuals must accept responsibility for the offence by entering a guilty plea. If, after a one-month assessment, they are judged to be suitable participants, they will begin day treatment programs to address their addiction and will appear in court once a week or as required by the Drug Treatment Court Judge. After a year, the individual will be sentenced according to the level of success with which they completed the treatment program.

“An individual’s treatment plan will include drug testing and counselling,” Drug Treatment Court co-ordinator Darlene Rude said. “We may also provide life skills and employment training to support the participant’s rehabilitation.”

Regina is one of six cities in Canada with a Drug Treatment Court.
~ courtesy Government of Saskatchewan.
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