Help For Alcoholics: Alcohol Rehabilitation Canada

Help For Alcoholics: Alcohol Rehabilitation Canada

Are you or someone you know struggling with alcohol addiction? In this article, we help you compare the signs and symptoms of alcoholism and learn how to treat with alcohol rehabilitation.

Are you even addicted?

Do you think that you have a drinking problem? Do you want to know whether or not your loved one is addicted? Let’s have a look at the common signs and symptoms to know if someone you love is suffering and it is time to seek help:

  • Unexplained changes in the behavior
  • Regularly getting into trouble at school/work
  • Arguments with family and friends
  • Failed attempts to quit alcohol
  • Injuries occurring without knowing what happened
  • Shakes, tremors and incoherent speech
  • Unexplained needs for money
  • Unexplained mood swings
  • Avoiding meeting with friends and family

Treating alcohol addiction

There are many different approaches to treating alcoholism. While some of them involve the use of medicines, others involve psychological treatment. The two common stages to treatment are – the detoxification stage and then alcohol rehabilitation. It is important to note here that we are not advising that you stop drinking alcohol cold turkey. Always seek medical help before you treat alcohol addiction.

Detoxification: During detox, you may experience withdrawal symptoms which occur if your body is dependent on alcohol. Alcohol detox can be a stressful and medically serious condition for addicts, especially if they are chronic drinkers. Always seek medical help.

Even though many alcoholics will feel refreshed and ready to face their problem after completing detox, it is due to the possible severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms that makes it important to detox under medical supervision

Alcohol rehabilitation: For treating addiction, alcoholics need to develop life coping skills. During alcohol rehabilitation, addicts learn about the nature of alcoholism and start making cognitive behavioral changes. They learn how to say yes to sober life and may go through behavioral therapies in group and individual settings. The primary goal of rehab is to determine the cause of an individual’s addiction and to address this in a healthy and right way.

Treatment for alcohol addiction

There are variety of sources for treating alcohol addiction. Each has their unique benefits and help treat addiction differently. A combination of pharmaceutical and psychological treatments is highly recommended for alcohol addiction. With a wide range of possible treatment modalities, you or your loved one can get ready to face life sober.

Canadian Rehab helps individuals and families find an alcohol & drug treatment centre Canada that best meets their unique requirements.

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