Top Reasons To Say No To Drugs

Top Reasons To Say No To Drugs

It is a very common fact that the drug has ability to destroy your personality, social, physical and mental being. Often people talk to their kids about the risk of drugs and alcohol abuse. Drugs has ability to change the way a person’s body works. If you are taking drugs on a regular basis, you lose your sense of good judgment. Drugs are chemicals that change your personality totally.

Legal drugs are a kind of medicine that many people use on the recommendation of a doctor. On the other hand, illegal drugs are not good for your health. Illegal drugs have no real benefits and harmful for your body. Illegal drugs do not solve the problems like legal drugs do. Drugs damage the heart, brain, liver and other organs. There can be various reasons for taking drugs, but to leave them you need only one thing and that is a strong will power.

  1. They harm you: There is no secret that drugs are not good for your health or cause physical and mental damage to those who use them. It can make your heart beat faster and body move slower. It can affect the way you listen, see, think, eat, smell and feel. It totally changes the way you interpret what is going on around you and how to react in certain situations.
  2. They are expensive: May be it is not a good reason to say no to drugs, but it makes sense. Some people cannot afford it, but they do crime to buy it. These are so expensive, if you are addicted, it can kill your wallet. Earning money is very difficult and money is the only way to fulfill all the requirements of your family members.
  3. They harm family and friends: Every person loves their family and friends and also cares about them. The use of drug leads you to verbally abuse, steal from, and lie to your family members and friends. It is very painful for your loved ones.
  4. Arrest: As everyone knows that drugs are illegal. If you are taking drugs, it means you are doing a crime. This crime may end up in the jail. Not only this, in order to buy drugs, many people commit crime for money. Those people will surely arrest by police.
  5. Threat to society: Every person knows that criminals sell drugs illegally. They have just one aim and that is making more and more money. They use this money for more criminal activities. You may don’t know this money is used by them to harm your own family members or friends.

Drugs can causes a stroke, damage your brain, heart attack and even cause death. Except these risks, sometimes permanent side effects can ruin you and your loved one’s life. If you or your family or your friend addicted and want to get rid of it, don’t look further. Just come to Canadian Drug Rehab

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